Curling Club Closed For the Remainder Of the Season.

Effective immediately, in response to Covid-19 concerns, your Board of Directors has made the decision to close the Sun Parlour Curling Club.

Although there are no confirmed cases in Essex County currently, the need for social distancing is the only way to get on top of this outbreak.

This certainly is not how we wanted this to end the season but the health of our members, their families and our community must take priority.

The club will be open 6 to 7 pm Tuesday March 17, Wednesday March 18th and Thursday March 19th. If you can, please drop off your raffle tickets and money, pay off your bar tab and pick up your gear.

Please stay safe and follow the recommendations of the Windsor Essex County Health Unit.

All the best and we will see you next year!!

The Sun Parlour Curling Club Board

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